So true...
I am still the 99% unfortunately, he is not.
Adrian Peterson plays/collects Magic: The Gathering (OMGERSDADZ)

Geeky or not, he's still a millionaaaaaire
Why do I keep imagining the turkey saying at the end when he is in front of the car, "That's right, motherfucker!"

Rich Rodriguez Could Be a Great Hire For Arizona | The Big Lead: (If you are referring to Arizona opponents, then Yes, Yes he is a great hire)

Official Twitter announcement

Being an Ohio State fan, Rich Rodriguez is everything you want in a coach: A shitty excuse of a team as a result, even if you have great players capable of doing great things on your team. Thank you Rich, the best of luck to you at Arizona.

It is here for all you Happy-Go-Lucky Black Friday (Now "Brown Thursday Late-Night" imo) Shoppers

The new Walmart Black Friday Ad 2011 is now available.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Black Friday Ads that have been posted over at

Goodluck and have fun and of course, don't trample your mother please!

Because...why not?

I don't know...