The Irreverent and Funny Street Art by Mr. X:

A friend of mine, who is a great fan of Stencil and Graffiti, introduced me to one of the most interesting street artists I've seen lately. Mr. X is a really talented street artist with a remarkable stencil style. The amount of details he delivers on each piece are impressive.

If you want to know more about Mr. X , please visit his Website or his Blog.

Making Of

Whales in Love from Sr. X on Vimeo.

The Mind Cleaner, Sr. X from Sr. X on Vimeo.

Niñooo // E1000ink + Sr. X from Sr. X on Vimeo.

Vallequis from Sr. X on Vimeo.

Revolt from Sr. X on Vimeo.

Sr.X. from Fiumfoto on Vimeo.

About the author

Marcos Torres, a 20 years old art director/freelancer from Brazil, You can see his portfolio at Any request or jobs opportunities send to, also follow him on Twitter to get in touch with cool design news.

Sarah Palin ceases to amaze me and anyone if you are even remotely conscience. NBCU Direct interviewed several people including celebrities, news anchors and correspondents at one of the White House Correspondent's Dinner After-Parties. When the interviewer finds Palin and asks her the extremely simple question with no right or wrong answer, she fails to produce a name - even asking her husband who also fails to produce a name.  However, out of the corner of her eye she spots Greta Van Susteren and immediately yells to the camera, ""Greta Van Susteren is the most influential journalist!"! YAY, She did it! Good job Sarah, You are the most influential Journalist in my book. Your thoughts, ideas, speeches and interviews are just absolutely awe-inspiring and 100% fucking entertaining. Thank You!

"...(Herp Derp, Huh?)...!" - Sarah Palin

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I am assuming this is a humorous take on naming toilet paper in China? I wouldn't nor do not think Chinese language is spelled and obviously does not use english letters but instead chinese characters. Either way, this is the Best name in the World for toilet paper. These should be available in the United States, however with our strict censorship, practically impossible.

God Bless American Censorship - Shit wouldn't happen here, no pun intended.

Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan. Is this the real photo of him after being shot in the head as reported?

Let me know what you guys think?