MadTV actually predicted the introduction of the Apple iPad a few years ago! 

YouTube - MadTV - iPad (iPod Parody) correct aspect
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Read what's happening in real-time at Apple's 'Latest Creation' Event where Steve Jobs presents the iPad and other groundbreaking news!

Click here to view the live blog and be in the Know!

Live from the Apple 'latest creation' event -- Engadget
When General Larry Platt auditioned for American Idol a few weeks back with his "original" song Pants on the Ground it sent shockwaves through the intronets of the intraweb (or the Internet as people call it...).  The video went viral, splashing all over the frontpage of news sites, blogs or whatever other things on the internet.  General Larry Platt seemed to have struck a cord with millions of people and fame was imminent.

...or so it seemed, DUH DUH DUHHHH!  A few days ago, the Green Brothers of Highland Park, Michigan are claiming he stole the song from an original and copyrighted "Back Pockets on the Floor".  MyFox Detroit reports that the brothers wrote to them stating the similarities between Platt's song and their own is not an accident and clearly the same shit...and I certainly agree.  Now you be the judge and end this guys' 15 minutes before he gets sued, because then that would just be sad...he's 62 years old... :(

Compare "Back Pockets on the Floor" to General Platt's audition on American Idol:

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I am not totally buying into this whole "Refuse" thing...cops are abusive of their power. Always have been and always will and it just seems like it would get way out of hand if you or I were to act like we didn't have to do a damn thing. 

So I am up in the air with this, what do you think?
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Are you an alien?  Are you human?  Who knows for sure, right?  Well, according to some astrobiologist, aliens could be living amongst us as we speak...or sneeze.  His name is Paul Davies and he explains that when searching for extraterrestrial life, we should start by looking not in space but right here on Earth.  Aliens on Earth

Is it just me or is this starting to seem a bit like Salem, Massachusetts during the Witch Trials or at least leading towards a similar scenario?  Let's hope not!

Check out the article at HuffPost!
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The people over at can't seem to get enough of Conan just like everyone else these days. So they decided to create their own and below You will see the new felted Li'l Conan O'brien doll:

Li'l Conan O'Brien:

What fun it was to bring Conan's quirky look to life in needle felted wool!
Li'l Conan dreams of meeting Big Conan some day!

Li'l Conan O'Brien vs. The Bear:

Needle Felted Doll Maker | Needle Felting Instructor | Kay Petal | Felt Alive Wool Sculptures
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Just a few minutes ago McCain tweeted the following message, stating he will be opposing the confirmation of Ben Bernanke to a new term as Federal Reserve Chairman:

Via Twitter
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According to reports, well Joe Perry's selfish mouth, Aerosmith will be holding auditions for a lead singer to continue touring while Steve Tyler is out due to health problems. Joe Perry was recently quoted saying:

"We'll have found a new singer by the summer and Aerosmith will be able to go back out on the road," he told Canada's QMI news agency.

Tyler, who is currently in rehab for an addiction to painkillers, insisted in November he was not quitting the band.

You would think after 30+ years or whatever that You would have a little more respect, just a shame...

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According to the pictures on the "Meth-Free" Mesa County, Colorado webpage it seems as if the side effect of Meth is getting bludgeoned by a stainless steel cooking utensil...

Check out the Meth-Free webpage and see for yourself!
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The people over at Smashing Apps have compiled a remarkable set of 40 High-speed photographs. The above is titled "Triple Impact".

To be able to accurately capture people, things and objects in particular positions at the right time is exceptionally difficult, but the photographers have definitely succeeded in each of the 40 examples shown.

Check out the 40 Awesome High-Speed photographs Here!
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Panasonic's record-breaking 152-inch 3D Plasma TV has just been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2010).

Check out it's complete specs at the link provided:

That is one damn big TV!

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