Lifehack Video - 5 Incredible Uses for Old Light Bulbs

Here are five ILLUMINATING ways to put your old bulbs to good use!

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Lights bulbs are awesome. And not just because they provide us with the ability to see in the dark… There are so many amazing ways to re-use them to make art, survival gear, even kitchen tools.

We will first show you how to properly take apart a light bulb and then we'll get into the awesome things you can do with them.

When taking the insides of a bulb out make sure to wear proper safety gloves and goggles in the event of a shatter. Always be careful when tinkering with the glass. Take your time while removing the insides as it can get a bit tricky... we definitely shattered a few making this video!

With the Holidays around the corner, you can make a unique gift out a light bulb! Pick your favorite and go to town.


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The Ecommerce SEO Stack: 7 Must-Have Tools to Increase Your Ecommerce Rankings by BlueStout

By OCP |
This article from the social media marketing experts over at highlights their recommended SEO stack with 7 helpful tools to help you make sure your eCommerce pages and products are getting indexed, ranked, and driving customers to your online store. 

Inbound links affect your rankings because the search engine is essentially attaching value to your content based on the "authority" of the page linking to your site. 

As an eCommerce owner, this is important to understand because if a user searches with an intent to purchase, search engines will display "rich snippets" that will show product descriptions, user reviews, price range of the product, and many more details based on what the company sells – but only for those companies that have this functionality correctly implemented. 

They offer visual snippets to go along with their research and informative tips and tools and leave little to the imagination by the end of the article.
Adding this information to each of your products can help increase overall sales because when a user is searching with intent to buy, things like images and reviews definitely influence their purchasing decision. According to Moz, "Crafting a thoughtful, empathetic user experience helps ensure that visitors to your site perceive it positively, encouraging sharing, bookmarking, return visits, and inbound links—all signals that trickle down to the search engines and contribute to high rankings."
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Video: Lesson on Jade Jewelry Garage Sale Finds Lalique Glass Sterling Silver

This week I purchased some nice quality jewelry and paid up for it. I took a bit of a risk, but one good thing about buying several pieces at once is that the better pieces will compensate for the others. I talk in this video about some differences in buying jade. Being able to identify the quality of jade is something that only a few people know in the United States. I hope you can use some of this information to make your own educated jewelry purchases.
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Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus's Michael Abrash on Why Virtual Reality Is the Next Big Thing - FULL INTERVIEW | VIDEO

Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus's Michael Abrash on Why Virtual Reality Is the Next Big Thing - FULL
After the founder and C.E.O. of Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus's virtual-reality technology, Zuckerberg and the chief scientist of Oculus VR discuss the next breakthrough to connect everyone on earth / the next big breakthrough. Moderated by Steven Levy, the editor in chief of Backchannel.

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Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus's Michael Abrash on Why Virtual Reality Is the Next Big Thing - FULL

Starring: Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Abrash, and Steven Levy

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C. 1900

I wrote an article about my discovery of this antique tiddly winks game and my search for it's objective and play. A link to my story, along with an image of the French Instructions  is currently featured on:
About the game: Jeu Des Mallets is a unique antique tiddly winks game from France with beautiful antique artwork, wooden mallets & of course, wood tiddlywinks.

As mentioned above, I'm not sure how the game is played. However, I like to imagine French children at the turn of the 19th century calling out a picture and every child racing to hit that card with their mallet to somehow win tiddlywinks of different point value. What I do know for sure is it must have been very fun to whack those cards with those mallets!
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How To Wax a Chair - Salvage Hunters DIY Tips | Video

How To Wax a Chair - Salvage Hunters DIY Tips
Find out how to wax a chair with Alex from Salvage Hunters. Watch the new series from Wednesday 30th September, 9pm only on Quest. #SalvageHunters
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Find of the Day: 100 Year Old Hand Written Cook Book

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How A Content Marketing Strategy Impacts Your Bottom Line
By Andrea Lehr

Attention, relationships, and conversions all make up various levels of the sales funnel, and part of content marketing’s appeal is it can reach your target audience at each stage. Fractl recently outlined how an effective content marketing strategy – specifically one that combines an alignment of on- and off-site content – can help brands throughout every step of the sales funnel. It’s clear that a mix of on- and off-site content can generate awareness and drive traffic – a successful content marketing strategy has the potential to increase traffic by 850 percent – but how do you ensure conversions?, For example, PR Newswire launched a content marketing strategy in an effort to accelerate its sales funnel of more than 25,000 potential consumers. Although there is no go-to content marketing strategy that will ensure every potential lead ends up at the bottom of your sales funnel, offering highly targeted, off-site content that leads back to conversion-optimized, on-site content will help initiate a conversation with your target audience.
Check out this deck highlighting five additional case studies that reveal how content marketing can drive your bottom line. Understanding how your content can benefit each stage of the funnel will help stimulate ideas that will have a profound impact on awareness, traffic, search rankings, and lead generation.